Products to suit your every requirement!

Innovatus Systems provides custom software solutions by working with you to understand your business needs to build cost effective software solutions. As your business grows, we continue to work with you in providing support in terms of enhancements and maintenance.

In addition to custom software solutions, Innovatus Systems has the following products that can be readily tailored to suit your specific needs:

ORIS - Online Resident's Information System

A unique product to maintain the everyday workings of a senior citizen’s home or retirement community. Retirement Community Management involves a broad range of responsibilities including day-to-day operations that involve human resources, recruitment, fiscal management, resident care, food service operations, marketing, recreation activities and environmental services.

Developed with care with inputs from domain experts, ORIS provides an ideal solution to manage and run such communities.

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  • Centralized database
  • Maintain resident’s profile such as Next of Kin details, health particulars, important contact numbers etc.
  • Food and canteen management
  • Cost and payment modules to maintain financial transactions
  • Emergency services access and contacts to relatives
  • Keep track of residents or relatives going in and out
  • Complete care and follow up for each resident
  • Alerts and monitoring of individual residents


  • Peace of mind for relatives!
  • Complete control over operational expenses with cost savings of up to 30%*
  • Reduce stress load for staff by automating tasks easily
  • Eliminate accounting errors and maintain correct credit and debt control
  • Improvements in all levels of services offered
  • Less hardware investment
  • Avoid or resolve billing errors to ensure steady cash flow
  • One size fit’s all, whether it’s a 50 or 500 resident community!

Colors Galore – Digital Color Visualization Tool

The paint industry is over 100 years old, but is one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

Leveraging this, Innovatus System introduces a unique product for paint manufacturers and contractors – ColorsGalore.

An instant, feature rich and customizable product for color visualization. Just take a picture of the room, apply the colors with a click of a button and visualize in real time! Available for Android based devices

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  • Upload your own color palettes
  • Customize with your own catalogs, digital shade cards, dealer locator etc
  • Click a photo or use a saved image.
  • Select the desired color and shade the surface in an instant!
  • Can also identify the exact color from a saved image
  • Suited for both interiors and exteriors
  • Data collected can also be used for analytics and MIS


  • Saves time in color visualization
  • Can try several shades on a single wall without buying a single can of paint!
  • Instant view translates to faster sales
  • Can compare with the original image and make decisions faster.
  • Works well under any light circumstances (day or night)

Biz Pulse – Business Analytic Tool

Any company is worth is while only when you can see how well it is doing. With the Biz Pulse App, you can do just that! A dynamic decision making tool for CEOs to view analytics of your business in an instant! A valuable addition to your MIS Dashboard, interpretation of the status of your business is now at your finger tips!

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  • Secure way to access your business information
  • Dynamic real time information at a touch of a button
  • Quickly create meaningful charts and sheets be it bar, pie or line!
  • Offline viewing without Internet
  • Combine chart data for easy comparisons
  • Seamless integration to BI and ERP


  • Analyse your business on the go!
  • Identify problems, issues at an instant
  • Make better business decisions
  • Visually appealing charts and graphs helps to tell your business story
  • Find areas that need improvement
  • An apt tool for project management
  • Manage finance, sales, services and marketing growth all using just one tool!

Smart Guide – Tool for Tours

Have you always wanted a simple solution to give you information about a tourist spot? Have you wondered what is the history behind a certain place you visit? Smart Guide is the right tool for you.

A simple yet powerful tool for Tour guides. Load information about a location, place or sightseeing spot and use the tool to instantly view information about that place

No data charges, No roaming costs, No SMS, No Blue Tooth!

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  • Multilingual
  • Pre-loaded guide books and posts as PDF
  • No special hardware required
  • You can be your own tour guide
  • No special training required!


  • Reduces the need to have multiple tour operators, and hence reduces costs
  • Last minute changes to tour information can be updated at an instant
  • Complete and accurate information of tourist spots can be loaded
  • Contributes to responsible tourism – no need to print brochures or flyers!

BINCRM – The Customer Relationship Management tool

Customer Relationship and Work-flow Management system for small and medium sized business. BinCRM helps you measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, enhance customer satisfaction, enables prompt after sales service and gives you more time to focus on strategies for business growth. It links technology, systems, processes and people to maximize the relations of your organization with your customers.

A CRM system enables the easy and fast access of key customer data. With BINCRM such data is transformed as information and used for effective decision making while delivering maximum customer satisfaction.

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  • Record and follow up on business leads
  • Manage sales pipeline
  • Get real time instant information
  • Manage a comprehensive profile of all your customers
  • Set marketing campaigns and measure successes
  • Record progress and track delays
  • Be alerted on renewals and warranties
  • Create useful infographics (bars, charts and graphs)


  • All round increase in productivity and revenue
  • Provides a complete picture of your business and sales
  • Better service equals to happy customers
  • Seamless flow of information by reducing bottle necks