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Apart from our ready to use and customizable products, Innovatus Systems also offers a variety of services for your business needs.

Data Analytics – It’s all about the data

Today everything is data and how we analyse and use this data efficiently drives businesses towards success.

Every business collects huge volume of data from their customers each and every day and there are many business-critical insights hidden unnoticed within that data.

Proper analysis of this data can reveal important information of the business which in-turn can identify sales trends, potential gaps and showcase areas of improvements. Many major decisions rely heavily on the effective use of the available data.

Data Analysis involves loading, cleansing, transforming, modelling, analysing and projecting data in a clean and simple interface in order to make successful business decisions.

We have experienced Data Analysis professionals to accomplish this task with perfection and ease.


  • Automated Textual Interpretation is one of the key AI features that we provide that automatically displays the business insights to the user based on their UI selection
  • Data Analysis report can be accessed online from anywhere
  • Convert complex data into simpler report.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface with AI interpretation.
  • Your data will be safe and secure. We directly connect to Database to extract data for analysis thus, no exchange of data is involved.


  • Better decision making
  • Improved business performance
  • Maintain quality and consistency
  • Real time monitoring of data and facts
  • Reduction in process failures

Sectioning & Layering - Graphics

If you are in the paint industry your customers may wonder how their home or building may look after it has been painted. What if they can get to see exactly how it would look like without even buying a can of paint?

Image Sectioning is a service we offer that allows distinct sections of the building or interior to be created. Customers can then choose specific colours from a preloaded colour palette and apply this to each section.

We have a dedicated and experienced team providing sectioning services that cater to the needs of various customers.

Sectioning service is not limited to painting industries and we can provide sectioning work on any kind of image with utmost precision.


  • Customized layering of images as per request
  • Actual colour palette of our customers will be preloaded to provide coloured samples of sectioned images upon request.
  • Any kind of image sectioning can be done with precision and perfection.


  • Businesses can satisfy their customer by meeting their needs.
  • A competitive way to attract new customers
  • Improved business performance

Advantage Excel

Business firms widely use Microsoft Excel to exchange sensitive information. However, the flipside is that it is easily vulnerable to data corruption and often crashes when handling large volumes of data.

To address this issue, we provide Advantage Excel services to our customers. The Excel file with sensitive data will reside in the cloud server and the needed records can be searched and extracted without affecting the original master file. Searched records can be easily exported to Excel locally. This way businesses ensure that their original contents are unaffected and intact.


  • Can be accessed online from anywhere
  • Filter by selected column and export to Excel locally
  • Only authorised users can access
  • Details of exported user and time frame details gets recorded automatically.
  • Actual row numbers from original file will be displayed in the exported file.


  • Data integrity is maintained
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to use

Other Services

Verification Service

Verification Service

For large businesses, it’s very difficult and time-consuming to verify the authenticity of details provided by their customers.

The service we provide verifies the authenticity of details provided by comparing with their physical identity proof such as Aadhar, PAN, driver’s license or passport. NEFT related details will also be verified and validated.

Consultancy service

Consultancy service

We offer comprehensive consulting services in building IT strategies and creating your Business Model Canvas.

We work closely with our customers and provide solutions for implementation.

Our customers will benefit from our extensive experience in anticipating bottlenecks and providing them with the solution to suit their needs

Training Service

Training Service

We conduct training workshops on building a Business Model Canvas or on building an I.T strategies, to groups of entrepreneurs and their nominees.

Our training solutions are developed by subject matter experts to help organizations and individuals improve personal competence and skills.

Advisory Service

Advisory Service

Need a MENTOR or a GUIDE to support your business?

We provide advisory services to our customers who may be business owners or decision makers with a common goal – 'To succeed'.